Established 1938   •   Ann Arbor Michigan
Picnic and Recreation Areas
German Park has Two Picnic Pavilions
and Three Major Picnic Areas
Thompsen Halle
Thompsen Halle is the original building from when German Park opened in 1938, and has seating for approximately 60 guests.
Moehrle Gabäude
The Moehrle Gabäude is adjacent to the dance floor. This area fills up quickly with German Park regulars who can sit and enjoy the band and dance performances. As the evening progresses, some of the dancing activities spill into this area.
Main Picnic Area
The main picnic area includes the picnic tables in front of the Deutsche Küche, the Beer Stand, and around the two pavilions.  Many of these picnic tables have umbrellas.
West Picnic Area
Approximately 120 picnic tables are arranged along the south edge of German Park. These tables are quieter and more intimate than in the other areas, and many guests bring cards or other games to play. Because there is less traffic and activity, these tables are perfect for families with children.
Smaller children are invited to play in the sandbox behind the kitchen. Nearby tables and benches are available for their parents. Older children can usually find a game of catch or soccer in the nearby grove.
Smoking Area
The north-east corner of the park is designated for smoking. Smoking is prohibited elsewhere.

Other Facilities
Toilet facilities are along the west edge of German Park. In addition to portable toilets, separate men's and women's facilities are available with running water. Children should be accompanied by a parent.
Trash cans are located regularly around the picnic tables, along with recycling, soft-drink can bins, and food tray racks.
Parking Lots
Our parking lots are open to guests who are arriving and leaving German Park. Parking lots are continuously patrolled to prevent loitering and help direct guests to the park exit.
Picnic Schedule
German Park picnics are hosted on the last Saturday of the month in June, July, and August.
Gates open at 4 PM
June 24, 2017
July 29, 2017
August 26, 2017
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