Established 1938   •   Ann Arbor Michigan
Food and Drink
German Park continues to cook the same traditional
meals we served at our first picnic in 1938.
Please take a look at our menu.
We also serve traditional American fare and kid friendly food (hot dogs, hamburgers) to ensure that everyone gets enough to eat; imported and domestic beer, wine and a wide variety of soft-drinks and water.
Planning Your Meal
Many German Park visitors prefer an early dinner and eat shortly after arriving. The length of the food lines vary throughout the evening and are typically shortest right after the park opens and then again later in the evening.
Generally, expect an hour wait after arriving at German Park to enjoy our meals. Families with children can purchase pretzels at the pop stand, or hot dogs at our sausage cart, to help with the wait.
Step 1 - Buying Tickets
Food and beverage purchases can only be paid for with tickets that can be obtained at our ticket house located immediately to your right after you get your hand stamped. Tickets cost $1 each. Plan ahead, check out our food and beverage prices on our menu to estimate the number of tickets for an evening of fun.
Step 2 - The Food Line
German Park provides cafeteria style service.  There are usually three full-service lines to choose from.
These lines moves much faster when guests can select from our menu beforehand. Therefore, please take a look at our online menu before visiting. Feel free to print it out!
Coffee is served in the kitchen. Soft drinks and water are served at the pop stand. Beer and wine are served separately in our beer stand. All items must be purchased using tickets sold from the ticket house.
Stop at the beer stand or pop stand first and enjoy a cold beverage while in the food line.
Picnic Schedule
German Park picnics are hosted on the last Saturday of the month in June, July, and August.
Gates open at 4 PM
June 24, 2017
July 29, 2017
August 26, 2017
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