Established 1938   •   Ann Arbor Michigan
Leaving and Safe Travels
German Park closes promptly at 11pm. Guests will be directed to leave the park at that time. Afterwards, loitering is not permitted on German Park property.
German Park partners with the Northfield Township police to enforce laws regarding alcohol consumption and driving, and they are constantly monitoring guests as they leave. Do not jeopardize the safety of yourself and others and avoid the legal consequences. Please comply with our policies and the laws regarding safe drinking.
Leaving Your Vehicle
Guests are required to leave at 11pm. Afterwards, our parking lots remain open until noon on Sunday following each picnic. Guests may leave vehicles overnight if they need to make other travel arrangements.
German Park volunteers are available at the park exit to help guests as they leave. Please ask for assistance and call for a cab at the gate if you are unable to drive safely! We want to see you return to future picnics.
Taxicab Pickups
If guests are leaving German Park by taxicab, please meet your cab directly outside the ticket house gate. Cabs are prohibited from picking up guests on Pontiac Trail or in our parking lots.
Parking Lots
Our parking lots are patrolled by German Park security and the Northfield Township Police. Loitering is prohibited.
Our parking lot is designed so that all vehicles face towards an exit route. Vehicles in the big parking lot should exit through that main gate or the main exit in front of the park. Emergency vehicles, taxicabs, and other pickups need to use the main entrance. Although traffic is congested as German Park empties, guests should be able to exit the parking lot within 10 minutes.
Driving Home
All traffic exits German Park on Pontiac Trail.  Westbound Pontiac Trail continues to downtown Ann Arbor, eastbound is a straight shot to South Lyon. Otherwise, guests should travel east 1/2 mile to the intersection of North Territorial and Dixboro to access a major road or freeway.
Traffic remains heavy on local roads as guests depart German Park. Please exercise caution.
German Park is grateful to our guests for helping us maintain our safety record for so many years.
Picnic Schedule
German Park picnics are hosted on the last Saturday of the month in June, July, and August.
Gates open at 4 PM
June 24, 2017
July 29, 2017
August 26, 2017
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